Button Chess


How About a Game of Chess ! with a difference … I recently finished a commission for a lovely couple. They wanted me to make them a chess set made from buttons . It was allot of fun to figure out , Dark Buttons for the Black Side and multi coloured for the opponents.


Definitely one way to brighten up a boring game of chess !



Fresh and NEW

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It has been a busy summer,
Lots of wonderful weather makes absorbing inspiration that little bit easier.
New Fun Button Pictures being launched in two days @Autumn gift and home Trade show in Citywest.. Exciting times …
Hugs and Kisses Hugs and Kisses 
Sail Away Sail Away 
Aim High Aim High
Aim High Aim High   (Medium ) 
New Shells New Irish Shell Pendants Launching at the end of the Month . 

Bespoke Designer Saturdays

Bespoke Saturdays


So i am very lucky to be part of a great project called “Bespoke Designer Saturdays” in  Ballinahown Eco-Craft village.

I will be there from 11am to 3pm this Saturday 27th . It will give anybody a chance to come and meet me the Button Girl ! see my work and if you like you can design a bespoke piece of Button Studio jewellery just for you.

I will be offering a one on one consultation service where you can bring your own special buttons or fabrics and we can design jewellery together , then i will take them home and make your special piece and send it to you when it is ready ;0)

I will also have my own buttons and fabrics for you to work with if you would like .

Meet the Button Girl is this Saturday but please check out    http://ballinahowncraftvillage.com for more information on other great artists who are offering this great Bespoke opportunity .. Don’t miss out

My Dates for meeting Button Girl are this Saturday 27th April and 17th August and 12th October ;0)

In the heart of Ireland lies the award-winning Ballinahown Eco-Craft village, forging a unique platform for craft and design, while utilising the distinctive natural resources, environment and talents of the midlands. A quaint country village on the outskirts of Athlone Town and just off the M6 motorway, Ballinahown is a creative hub for Irish designers and maker


National Craft Fair 2012


With a smashing start with my whole table collapsing on set up day the show just got better and better. So nice seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends ;0)

I was very Lucky this year with a stand just inside the front door.

Thank you all for stopping by and thank you to my fantastic friends which without you all i couldn’t have done it ;0) ( you know who you are )



Express yourself ;0)

I am lucky enough to have a iphone . I must admit it is most of the time surgically attached to my hand ! .. it is fantastic for work and keeping on top of things .

The problem was, I was always really frustrated with all the boring phone cases out there . So when my brother got my mum a phone cover with family photos on I just thought it was fantastic ;0) .. The website is called http://www.case-mate.co.uk/ and not only can you upload and design your own case with lots of layout options but you can also just select some amazing designs from other artists too .

I uploaded a picture of a selection of Igloo rings that I made and within 4 days I had my very own Buttoned up Iphone case. Totally unique and personal to me … Express yourself !

Miami Nice !

The Buttons are spreading !!! I have never been to Miami ,it is definitely on my to do list but it looks like my buttons have beaten me to it !!  How cool is that ;0)

I have to give a huge thank you to stylist Courtney Smith http://www.courtneysmith.ie for making this happen. A while ago on twitter Courtney put a call out for information on any IRISH jewellery makers that she should look into , a couple of my lovely shops and twitter friends tweeted about Button studio and it went from there.

It would have been very easy for Courtney to put any  piece of  jewellery on for this shoot but the fact she went that extra step to support a small Irish jewellery maker really is fantastic ;0) So a huge thank you Courtney and to U magazine for featuring my work in this weeks 17th June issue . It is part of the fantastic shoot called Miami Nice photographed by Daniel Holfeld http://www.danielholfeld.com and styled by Courtney Smith.

U magazine 100% Irish and living up to its claim ;0)

Daisy Chain RDS entry

I just got some good news that my entry for the RDS competition has got through to the final round of Judging ;0)

Daisy Chain

Real Irish daisy’s strategically cast into clear resin to form a eye-catching and fresh take on the traditional daisy chain that we all grew up making. A frozen sample of summer for ever and ever.

This piece is a modern take on the traditional Daisy chain. As children making them was a regular pass time a activitie largely lost once one gets older.

My daisy chain piece is made from real daisy’s from my garden, I cast them fresh so they still have their 3d shape( not easy as i had to work out how to make them hold there colour and shape)  Daises are classed as weeds but really never fall into peoples thoughts as weeds, they always stir up happy memories of summer and childhood. These daisy’s will never fade or rote they are frozen in time and in winter they will be a nice reminder of what summer brings.

Wonderful Windows

OK I  might be a little biased but I think that Kilkenny Designs window is fantastic right now. I haven’t been able to find out to much about it but it seems to be some very clever persons final year project … I just love the colours and fresh look that it brings to Visual merchandising/ Window display , and of course i love and WANT !! all the Buttons !!

I have just today sent my work to a wonderful shop in Plymouth in the Uk called Funky Poppy. I am delighted that they will be stocking my work and i was blown away by their clever/ inventive / on theme window . Olympic Themed with a Button Twist . Window displays are really hard things to do and seeing shops like Kilkenny and Funky Poppy making such a effort and getting it so right is just fantastic. You both win a gold medal from me ;0)

Funky Poppy .. The Button Company http://www.funkypoppy.com  Plymouth, United Kingdom