Family Button Tins

Every family in the past seems to have had a Button tin. In all shapes and sizes big ones, small ones, rusty ones! All with the same distinct smell of history.

The button tin that I grew up with is a large pink tin one with a rusty rim. When you open it you can’t but smile. It is filled with buttons in all shapes and sizes colours and textures. My grandmother was a great dress maker and I can remember outfits she made by the buttons in the tin that were made to match. Buttons can be like photographs jogging memories from the past.

Nowadays it is a sad trend that we are throwing away our old buttons far too easily. Start collecting today and create a little piece of history for your next generations to come.

Liberty of London

Liberty Of London is one of my favourite places to visit when I go to London. It is a go to place for inspiration and a runaway place for my wallet! Truly, Liberty’s is one of the most aesthetically pleasing stores in London

It makes me feel like I’m walking around a gallery more than a shop, from the noisy wooden floorboards, to the assault of colours, smells and patterns that hits you when you walk in the door it is four floors of heaven.

Above is a picture of my last purchase a really sweet mini suitcase. It is made from Liberty print fabric and wood. I just couldn’t leave it behind. I also picked up some Liberty fabric and was so inspired by the design and colours that i made custom made liberty jewellery the very next day.