Daisy Chain RDS entry

I just got some good news that my entry for the RDS competition has got through to the final round of Judging ;0)

Daisy Chain

Real Irish daisy’s strategically cast into clear resin to form a eye-catching and fresh take on the traditional daisy chain that we all grew up making. A frozen sample of summer for ever and ever.

This piece is a modern take on the traditional Daisy chain. As children making them was a regular pass time a activitie largely lost once one gets older.

My daisy chain piece is made from real daisy’s from my garden, I cast them fresh so they still have their 3d shape( not easy as i had to work out how to make them hold there colour and shape)  Daises are classed as weeds but really never fall into peoples thoughts as weeds, they always stir up happy memories of summer and childhood. These daisy’s will never fade or rote they are frozen in time and in winter they will be a nice reminder of what summer brings.

Wonderful Windows

OK I  might be a little biased but I think that Kilkenny Designs window is fantastic right now. I haven’t been able to find out to much about it but it seems to be some very clever persons final year project … I just love the colours and fresh look that it brings to Visual merchandising/ Window display , and of course i love and WANT !! all the Buttons !!

I have just today sent my work to a wonderful shop in Plymouth in the Uk called Funky Poppy. I am delighted that they will be stocking my work and i was blown away by their clever/ inventive / on theme window . Olympic Themed with a Button Twist . Window displays are really hard things to do and seeing shops like Kilkenny and Funky Poppy making such a effort and getting it so right is just fantastic. You both win a gold medal from me ;0)

Funky Poppy .. The Button Company http://www.funkypoppy.com  Plymouth, United Kingdom