Cool Faces App

I am always looking for fun apps that i can play with and I just love this app .. It is called Cool Faces , kind of a silly name but the idea is so simply and fun so it makes up for the name!   It is available for free and you can upgrade if you like .. I just did a very quick alteration on a board of buttons from the show .. They use fingers which is fun too.. the possibilities are endless !

Birmingham for Buttons !

Well we went on a mini one day adventure to Birmingham… Last Monday we flew over to uk for a Craft Trade fair .. I was in search of buttons surprise surprise… Came across this amazing Giant button at one of the stands …

With a 3am start it was a long day .. found some lovely button displays which cheered me up but unfortunately didn’t find the kind of buttons i was looking for .. Great day though always good to get out of the studio every so often ;0)