Express yourself ;0)

I am lucky enough to have a iphone . I must admit it is most of the time surgically attached to my hand ! .. it is fantastic for work and keeping on top of things .

The problem was, I was always really frustrated with all the boring phone cases out there . So when my brother got my mum a phone cover with family photos on I just thought it was fantastic ;0) .. The website is called and not only can you upload and design your own case with lots of layout options but you can also just select some amazing designs from other artists too .

I uploaded a picture of a selection of Igloo rings that I made and within 4 days I had my very own Buttoned up Iphone case. Totally unique and personal to me … Express yourself !

Miami Nice !

The Buttons are spreading !!! I have never been to Miami ,it is definitely on my to do list but it looks like my buttons have beaten me to it !!  How cool is that ;0)

I have to give a huge thank you to stylist Courtney Smith for making this happen. A while ago on twitter Courtney put a call out for information on any IRISH jewellery makers that she should look into , a couple of my lovely shops and twitter friends tweeted about Button studio and it went from there.

It would have been very easy for Courtney to put any  piece of  jewellery on for this shoot but the fact she went that extra step to support a small Irish jewellery maker really is fantastic ;0) So a huge thank you Courtney and to U magazine for featuring my work in this weeks 17th June issue . It is part of the fantastic shoot called Miami Nice photographed by Daniel Holfeld and styled by Courtney Smith.

U magazine 100% Irish and living up to its claim ;0)