Launched by a Dragon !

Well what a evening . Made in Westmeath had its launch night for its fantastic new craft group. As the name may just have given the game away the common bond between us all is that we live slap bang in the middle of Ireland in the lovely County of Westmeath. We are a interesting bunch doing everything from painting,soap making, textiles, Knitwear,Jewllery, woodwork, toy-makers, Wood turning, fashion design,felting and lots lots more.

We where very lucky to have Bobby Kerr from the Dragons den to come down for the Launch party. I must say i was very impressed he came and spoke with great enthusiasm. He gave use all his 10 secrets to making it in the  business world , he spoke very well of the cuff so to speck and even ended with a cheeky joke. He also hung around and made sure he spent some time with each of the people in the group which i thought was just amazing of him . All in all it was a fantastic night , a huge success and a amazing launch pad for this new exciting group.

We really need to thank Bobby Kerr , Westmeath County Enterprise Board, Craft In Aileen and Martina from Core crafted design , The yummy Tea rooms upstairs for the mouth watering food and lastly all the crafty people for making the night such a overwhelming success.

Clever Ceramic Coffee Cup !

My Best friend a I got these fab cups a couple of months back before a road trip to a show in the UK. They really are very clever and I use mine nearly ever day . They are made to look just like a disposable coffee cup that you would get in a cafe but the magic is that they are in fact made  of a pretty blue and white china.The top is a thick rubber that doesn’t leak which is very helpful . They can be stuffed in the dishwasher at the end of the day  .They do a great job at keeping your coffee warm and your frappuccino cold.

They look cool , work great and they even are Eco friendly as think how many disposable cups you will save from ending up in the landfill. It really is a WIN WIN ..

You can get your mitts on these Eco mugs @ Urban Outfitters and right now if your quick they are ON SALE down from €19 to €14 Smashing ;0)








Funky Phone

    AS you may all have guessed by now I have a real weakness for Colourful , weird and wonderful things . If it is not shoes its something else so here is a new purchase of mine . I must say I try not buy from the big multi national shops but this phone cover came from Accessorize part of Monsoon . I just couldn’t walk passed it. I spend way to much time with work with my phone surgically attached to my hand so if it looks pretty all the better !